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Health Risk

Half of the radiation that Brites are exposed to comes from radon. When radon rises from the underground, it can make its way into your home through leaks in the foundation or construction defects. The gas will then expose the residents to harmful radiation. The average brite spends 14 hours in the day at home, and therefore, this is where Brites are most exposed to radon radiation. The radiation from radon can’t get under the skin, however, through inhalation the radon atoms settles in the lungs and thereby exposes the lungs to radiation.

The exact health risk depends on the density of the gas. In UK, the threshold for a household is set at 200 Bq/m3. It is estimated that every third UK household exceeds this threshold and that 5% of the UK households has a radon concentration of over 200 Bq/m3.

Every year 300 Brites die as a result of radon radiation. These deaths are primarily caused by lung cancer as a result of radon inhalation. The Public Health UK estimates that 9% of all lung cancer incidents are due to radon radiation, and thus, radon radiation is the 2nd primary cause of lung cancer after smoking. Moreover, children who grow up in households with too high concentrations of radon run a higher risk of developing lymph cancer and leukemia. Every year, 35-40 children are diagnosed with leukemia. It is estimated that 3-4 of these incidents are caused by radon radiation.